About Us

Sun Shrimp were born 2013. Located on a small island off the Southwest Coast of Florida, Sun Shrimp are grown by a team of dedicated Shrimp Farmers. Sun Shrimp is the largest all-natural, sustainable and fresh shrimp growing company in the USA.

Our team of about 100 farmers work 24/7 to produce the cleanest, best tasting and freshest shrimp on the planet. Our secret? We have full control over the whole process.

Almost daily, our breeder shrimp mate in our hatchery. These breeder shrimp are specially selected to produce the strongest and largest shrimp possible. One mated female will spawn between 125,000 and 250,000 eggs. We shine a light on the surface of the spawning tank while all hatched shrimp swim to the light.  Once all of them are collected, we stock them into our larvae-culture tanks where they usually grow for an additional 21 days, until ready to be stocked in our grow-out tanks.

The grow out phase usually takes about 100 days to grow large shrimp; about 150 days to grow Jumbo's. When ready for harvesting, we use large totes with an ice slurry that chill kills the shrimp as they fall into the slurry. By harvesting this way, we make the harvesting process as humane as possible and it preserves the shrimp in optimal condition.

Our packing plant is onsite as well and usually within a couple hours after harvest the shrimp are washed, cleaned, graded and packed. We ship our shrimp via express shipping options to ensure all our effort to care for these shrimp during their whole life was worth it. We are farmers after all and we care greatly how our shrimp are grown then enjoyed by you. We care about our environment and we care about our people. It is what makes Sun Shrimp sustainable on all fronts.

Thank you for learning more about our shrimp. Try some today, we guarantee you will be in for a treat.