Company Statement of Values

At Sun Shrimp we take our mission to supply America with great shrimp very seriously. If we do things right, we have the opportunity to make a major difference. As a pioneer, we feel that it is important to do things the right way from the start. Our company is now 7 years young and we have had to overcome huge challenges. One of our biggest hurdles has been the mindset that shrimp are cheap and plentiful...they are neither.

“Wow, your shrimp are expensive… I will stick with my imported or wild shrimp.....”

It is by far the most common comment we receive, and we totally get it! Americans love shrimp and are used to being able to buy them cheaply. But this cheapness comes at a real hidden cost that most Americans are not aware of.

At Sun Shrimp we strive to offer a wholesome product; doing so sustainably and ethically. This does come at a greater cost, but for those Americans who care about the quality of their food, care about our environment, the well being of our oceans and care about what is best for our country, there is no better choice than Sun Shrimp.

We do not exploit the environment – We try to minimize our environmental footprint as much as possible. Our facility is zero discharge, we do not use nor destroy sensitive lands, we have zero by-catch and no destruction of our sensitive ocean beds. We practice sustainable culturing techniques that are in harmony with the environment.  

We do not exploit our people – our team of approximately 100 members – real hardworking and dedicated Americans - earn a living wage, are treated with respect and are given the opportunity for personal and financial growth. We invest in our employees, as they are our greatest asset.

We do not exploit our animals – We endeavor to provide our shrimp with the best conditions, best environment, highest quality feeds and always treat our shrimp with the respect and care that they deserve.

We do not exploit our customers – We sell pure unadulterated shrimp. No chemical, no antibiotics, no preservative. No dips that make the shrimp gain water weight, no bleaches to make them look cleaner. We work hard to ship you the highest quality shrimp possible. When you eat Sun Shrimp, you are consuming one of the cleanest and best proteins available in the world.

We believe in America - our country should be seafood secure. We should stop depending on imports for our food. We should stop plundering our oceans. Our country needs good paying jobs that ultimately benefit all Americans. We have built a brand-new seafood industry right here in the USA and do so sustainably. We have the land, the resources, the knowledge, and the people to make this happen.

It will take time for Americans to understand this, but hopefully, today you will decide to help support our effort in supporting a brand-new industry and hopefully one day you can look back and say that in a small way, you helped get this industry started. Come join our growing list of customers and advocates. By the way, these are shrimp are delicious, so not only can you enjoy Sun Shrimp, you can feel good about what they represent.