Sun Shrimp Thank You Page

Thank you for your order!

It took about 6 months to hatch, raise and harvest your Sun Shrimp. Soon they will be on their way to you. But we wanted to let you know how special these Sun Shrimp are to us, and we know you will taste the difference. Over the past 6 months, we have made every effort to ensure your Sun Shrimp are perfect. Making sure their conditions were always in balance with just the right amount of feed at the right time - always in clean water; around 86 degrees night and day.

From the day they were born until they were harvested, someone from our production team checked on them EVERY THREE HOURS - 24 hours per day; every day of the week, including weekends and holidays. This is how we ensure that these Sun Shrimp enjoyed a good life. And when it was time to be harvested, we made sure to harvest them straight into ice water. By doing this, the shrimp perishes instantly, and the best quality is maintained.

We really care about the shrimp and want you to know you are in for a real treat. Thank you again for your order. We really appreciate it.


Robin Pearl