How come Sun Shrimp have such a nice red color when they are cooked?

Many customers comment that when they cook Sun Shrimp for the first time, that the shrimp have such a deep red color when cooked. They rightfully ask why?

Cooked Sun Shrimp

One of the main reasons our Sun Shrimp have such a nice deep red color is because we provide them a huge amount of algae, and encourage the establishment of biofloc - water teeming with all kinds of organisms - in our tanks.

Algae culture

The shrimp are able to consume the algae and biofloc and these sources are where they get many of the nutrients required for optimum health and nice deep red color. The algae act like a huge salad bar for the shrimp that they graze on continuously. These algae help with giving them the nutrients for deep red color, but also are the main source for Omega 3's and many other very important elements that make shrimp such a nutritious source of protein.

Algae Bioreactor

We utilize special algae reactors to grow very large volumes of algae using proprietary strains and blends. It is all about harnessing the amazing potential of these natural foods. Best of all these are all natural processes, nothing artificial here.

So next time you cook some Sun Shrimp and see their beautiful red color, know that this is not an accident. It further confirms that you are eating a very healthy shrimp that is full of nutrition and essential minerals such as Omega 3.

It takes many ingredients to grow the best tasting, most nutritious and wholesome shrimp in America. At Sun Shrimp our team of 100 employees work very hard to make that happen. Even something as simple as algae has a major impact. it is one of the many reasons why Sun Shrimp are so special.


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