Shrimp Sizes: From Small to Jumbo

Excited to know much more about shrimp sizes and how to make your cooking experience better? In this blog, we will delve into exciting shrimp sizes ranging from small shrimp to jumbo, and how you can use them to bring life to your dishes. At Sun Shrimp, you can find premium-quality shrimp sizes that help you cook and enjoy your delicacies even more.

Knowing Shrimp Sizes

The shrimp sizes correlate with the quantity of these seafood per pound—the countless the shrimp number is, the bigger the shrimp are. There are four common shrimp sizes, and each is suitable for particular culinary application as shown below;

Sun Shrimp’s Shrimp Sizes

Here at Sun Shrimp, there are different sizes you can enjoy for your culinary tastes.

  • Small : Sun Shrimp small size is excellent for the more delicate preparation that needs shrimp with a subtle seafood taste.
  • Medium : Sun shrimp medium size is ideal for everyday cooking when one wants to use shrimp without overshadowing the other ingredients.
  • Large : Enjoy the Sun Shrimp large size when making shrimp the center of focus on a plate, such as shrimp scampi and shrimp tacos.
  • Jumbo : Large and bold servings are guaranteed to suit your special events. These jumbo shrimp will serve a single meal, no need to worry about seconds.

Elevate Your Cooking with Sun Shrimp

Order at Sun Shrimp and experiment with various sizes to uncover other brilliant culinary possibilities with our high-quality and delicious seafood cuisine, obtained directly from our farm through thoughtful selection.

Get Inspired and Enjoy!

Sun Shrimp’s shrimp sizes will help you get started, and you will love them as you cook for your loved ones. Therefore, get inspired and in action with Sun Shrimp!

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