Water from an ancient aquifer makes Sun Shrimp truly special.

When you aqua-culture shrimp, there is perhaps no more important ingredient then having a clean source of clear, pollutant free, properly balanced sea (salt) water.

When we chose to put our facility on Pine Island, Florida, it was not just because this island has the perfect combination of usable land, a great workforce surrounded by a marine environment. We chose it because it sits on on top of one of the largest, most pristine salt water aquifers around. Image of pine island aerial

Formed many millions of years ago, the Avon Park aquifer makes up a section of the Floridian aquifer. Around 1850' below the surface, this water has not see daylight for millions of years. Pristine, unused and unhampered by man, we bring this water to the surface to grow Sun Shrimp.

This deep artisian well water is completely devoid of life. Therefore it is perfect in that we do not have to worry about bringing in any viruses or other disease that plague so many other aquaculture facilities. The best part is that this water is way too salty for most land based crops, and thus no-one really uses this aquifer, but it is perfect for our shrimp. There is a huge amount of water down there, and our minimal usages has zero impact on this aquifer.

Getting to this water was not easy. At 1,850 deep, this is not your normal water well. There are only two well drilling rigs large enough in the Southeastern United States that had the capability to drill this deep.

Deep well drilling rig

It cost close to $1 million, and took about 4 months of 24 hour per day drilling by a team of experienced professionals who knew how to mange this very complex drilling job. Using multiple casings and specialized drill heads they were able to isolate the well intake to the exact depth that we wanted.

We actually use very little water at Sun Shrimp, but the water we do use is of the highest quality. That is why our shrimp have this "clean" taste. So next time you hear someone say, that the ocean water is too contaminated, or that farm raised shrimp use dirty water, know that Sun Shrimp are raised in completely clean, unspoiled water. No micro-plastics, no metals or any kind of contamination is found in our water. it is part of the reason Sun Shrimp are so special.

Shrimp in tank


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