Sun Shrimp are scientifically the most advanced shrimp in the world!

At Sun Shrimp, we breed our own shrimp.

How do you figure out how to breed the best shrimp possible?

If we were raising dogs, it would be pretty easy to know the different types because it is obvious to see the difference between a Yorkie and a Bulldog. With shrimp we are using thousands of different families as well. How do we keep these families separated, so we can breed the best ones? DNA!

While all shrimp may look alike, when we analyze their DNA, we can find out who their parents are, what family they belong to, and if they are good shrimp to breed future generations.

Now, don't worry, we are not using DNA and manipulating our shrimp in any way. No GMO here. We are only using the DNA to learn of the parentage. Kind of like when you go and see if a child's DNA is really related to its father.

In 2019, we built that largest shrimp genetics laboratory in the world, right here on our facilities in Florida. This state of the art facility contains some of the most advanced DNA genotyping equipment available today. Normally found at such institutions like Pfizer or other advanced biotech companies. We have this system on our farm.

Everyday we are able to test up to 10,000 individual shrimp to see what family they belong to. Once we have an individual shrimp assigned to a specific family, we can then calculate how many of its brothers and sisters make up the whole population and figure out survival rates and growth rates.

Our selection criteria are pretty simple. First we select those families with the highest survival rates, and then within these higher surviving families, we select the individuals that grow fastest.

By selecting strong, surviving shrimp, we avoid the need to use all the medicines and treatments that are normally used in our industry. Good strong and healthy shrimp that are specifically selected to thrive in our systems make Sun Shrimp some of the most technically advanced shrimp cultured in the world today.

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