Where to Buy Fresh Shrimp in Cape Coral

Seafood is a popular protein choice in the US, but nothing comes close to dominating the market like shrimp. The delicious crustacean is eaten in large quantities, with the amount consumed exceeding one billion pounds per year in America. Cape Coral is no exception, with fantastic shrimp available all around. You only need to know where it is.

Where You Can Find Delicious Shrimp in Cape Coral

When it comes to finding tasty shrimp, the most important thing is location. However, no matter where you are, there are some common places to get shrimp. The first and most common is a grocery store, which will usually have at least one type of shrimp. If you want a better selection, seafood markets are great. Then there are online options.

Grocery stores, seafood markets, and online purveyors all offer great products, but which option is best will often depend on where you live. Cape Coral has a rich seafood scene, so you can find numerous stores with a vast selection of high-quality shrimp. One example of a great place to get seafood is Trico Shrimp Co.

Trico Shrimp Co

Located just outside of Cape Coral, Trico Shrimp Co is somewhere that you should know. This small, family-owned business owns 13 shrimping boats that go out for a month or two at a time to bring back some of the freshest shrimp available. The shrimp is flash frozen on the boats and prepared quickly when it returns.

While Trico Shrimp Co sells more than just shrimp, it is the main draw, and there is a fantastic variety to choose from, including fresh shrimp, frozen shrimp, and platters to make things even easier. You can choose between shell-on shrimp and shrimp that have already been peeled and deveined. They also offer these varieties:

  • Medium Pink Shrimp
  • Large Pink Shrimp
  • Jumbo Pink Shrimp
  • Colossal Pink Shrimp
  • Rock Shrimp

Trico Shrimp Co only sells the fresh shrimp caught in local waters, so you know that you are getting a great product. They sell to restaurants, too, so you might have already tried some of their shrimp without knowing it. If you want a local product, then choosing Trico Shrimp Co is the way to go.

There Are Plenty of Seafood Markets

Trico Shrimp Co provides local shrimp that is hard to beat, but Cape Coral and the surrounding area have quite a few seafood markets that are worth taking a look at. Among the many seafood markets, a few of the best are:

  • Barnhill Seafood Market
  • Merrick Seafood
  • Island Seafood Market
  • Kibbe & Company

These are some of the best seafood markets in the area, and they pride themselves on fresh products. In fact, Trico Shrimp Co is not the only place that has its own boats. So if you are looking for delicious, fresh shrimp, you should not have any problems finding it in Cape Coral. Plus, if all else fails, plenty of grocery stores offer shrimp.

Shrimp from Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are a good option for a few reasons. The first is that they are convenient, allowing you to get most of what you want from a single location. The second is that shrimp freezes well. You will probably not find shrimp that is as good as the shrimp sold in local seafood markets, but there are some really tasty shrimp to be found regardless.

You might even be able to find a better selection in gourmet grocery stores that have a nice seafood section. Just be aware that even the shrimp that is sitting behind the glass was frozen, likely being the same as what you get out of the freezers in that same store. But even the shrimp from seafood markets were frozen for some length of time.

Frozen Shrimp Is Fresh Shrimp in Stores

Whether you are searching for shrimp at a seafood market or in a grocery store, it is all previously frozen. That does not mean that it is not fresh, but how long it was frozen before you get it does make a difference. After all, even though Americans eat a large amount of shrimp every year, most of it is imported and travels quite a distance.

The shrimp that you find in seafood markets might come from local waters, such as the previously mentioned shrimp from Trico Shrimp Co. However, that does not change the fact that America imports around 90% of its shrimp from Central America and Southeast Asia. But there are fresh options, and one of the freshest you will find is Sun Shrimp.

Sun Shrimp Does Things Differently

Sun Shrimp takes things to another level, providing some of the highest quality shrimp you can find. It all starts with Sun Shrimp using water from a deep well on the island where they raise their shrimp. It extends to the fact that they pay close attention to the health of their shrimp, raising them without any antibiotics.

The shrimp do not receive any preservatives after harvest, either. Instead of worrying about things like that, they do their best to bring the time between harvest and delivery to a minimum. In fact, they ship shrimp mere hours after it is harvested, getting it to you while it is at its freshest.

Shrimp Options

Sun Shrimp provides Pacific White Shrimp, the most cultured shrimp in the world. Not only is it fresh, but they provide several sizes and a variety of preparations to ensure that you get precisely what you need. The preparations offered are:

  • Whole Sun Shrimp
  • Sun Shrimp Tails
  • Peeled and Deveined Sun Shrimp

You also have the choice between large and jumbo shrimp. If you go for the large shrimp, you can get them starting in batches of 2.5 pounds. As for the jumbo shrimp, it comes in batches of five pounds.

Convenient Shipping

Sun Shrimp sends the shrimp out at the peak of its freshness, and their process makes sure you get it soon after. They ship anywhere in the US, and you can contact them and arrange to have the shipping expedited if necessary. Moreover, their shrimp comes in vacuum skin packaging that promotes freshness and reduces messes and odor.

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