Where Can I Buy Fresh Shrimp?

When buying fresh shrimp, most people think of their local grocery store and the seafood counter. However, that can be one of the worst options. Fortunately, there is plenty of fresh shrimp available. You just have to know where to find it. This article aims to explain where you can get fresh shrimp, no matter where you are.

What Makes Fresh Shrimp Difficult to Find

The first thing you should be aware of is that fresh shrimp can be quite difficult to find. There is a reason for this, though, which is that around 90% of the shrimp consumed in the US is imported. Moreover, it is primarily imported from Central America and Southeast Asia, meaning it has to be frozen during transport.

Of course, there is fresh shrimp available in the United States. Still, it is generally only in areas with direct access to the water, and even then, most of the shrimp in grocery stores and markets has been frozen for a significant period.

Where to Buy Fresh Shrimp

Even though it can be challenging to find fresh shrimp, there are still options. If you are truly fortunate, you might have access to a day boat that brings fresh shrimp in daily, but that is not a readily available option.

For those who do not have a direct connection to fresh shrimp, fish and seafood markets are one of the best options, though the freshness often depends on the area. Additionally, grocery stores carry some great shrimp, even if they are not as direct from the source. You can even have fresh shrimp delivered.

Always Check the Fish and Seafood Markets

What you can find at fish and seafood markets depends on where you live. If you are near a source of fresh shrimp, then you will have plenty of options, with many of them likely being local. Otherwise, you might have the same frozen options that you could find elsewhere, though they might have a better selection of shrimp than other places.

When shopping at a seafood market, keep an eye on the type of shrimp they are selling. Wild Gulf shrimp will likely be fresher than something from different waters if you are near the Gulf Coast.

The Local Grocery Stores

If you go to a grocery store, you will have two options for buying shrimp. The first is the frozen shrimp that you have to thaw yourself, which might seem like a hassle. It also makes it difficult to think of it as fresh, though that might not be the case. On a side note, you can get fresher shrimp if you find Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) shrimp.

The other option that you will be presented with is “fresh” shrimp from the seafood section. It is often displayed behind glass and marketed as fresh, but that is not the case. In fact, this “fresh” shrimp is less desirable than the frozen option. After all, the truth is that it is just the same shrimp as the frozen variety but thawed by the store.

Therefore, it won't be easy to find truly fresh shrimp from an ordinary grocery store. Moreover, the freshest shrimp out of the two options available will be the frozen version of the shrimp on display.

Getting Fresh Shrimp Delivered

The final available option is buying fresh shrimp from somewhere and having it shipped directly to you. While it might not sound like a viable option, especially when you want something fresh, it is. There are people out there that want to provide the freshest shrimp possible, and they deliver.

Sun Shrimp

The search for fresh shrimp can be frustrating, and it is worse if you do not live near the water. However, Sun Shrimp provides an innovative solution to the problem. They sell fresh shrimp and ship it anywhere within the US, and it is all incredibly fresh and delicious.

How They Manage to Ship Fresh Shrimp

A few things keep Sun Shrimp fresh, despite it being shipped, and it all starts with where they are located. Sun Shrimp operates on an island off the Southwest Coast of Florida, so there is no need for the shrimp to be shipped as far as most of the shrimp eaten in the US.

However, the largest reason that the shrimp from Sun Shrimp is so fresh is the harvesting process. When Sun Shrimp is harvested, it is not frozen and shoved in a freezer. Instead, Sun Shrimp is shipped out within hours of being harvested, ensuring that every shrimp is sent out and delivered at the peak of its freshness.

Sun Shrimp also primarily uses overnight and 2-day express shipping, ensuring that the shrimp reaches you as quickly as possible. However, the freshness of the shrimp goes beyond the harvesting and shipping process. Sun Shrimp pays attention to every detail.

The Packaging

The harvesting process ensures that you get the freshest shrimp possible, but it is not the only reason the shrimp from Sun Shrimp is so fresh, with the packaging also being a major component in Sun Shrimp’s freshness.

In order to keep Sun Shrimp fresh, vacuum skin packaging is used. This packaging protects the shrimp from mishaps and also prevents messes and odor. Moreover, Sun Shrimp is packaged in half-pound batches that allow you to only use as much as you need without compromising the rest of your shrimp. It truly is a great option.

Buying Fresh Shrimp Near You

You should better understand your options now, but what does it really mean if you want fresh shrimp from somewhere local? Well, it means that you are at the mercy of the area in which you reside. If fresh shrimp is nearby, you can check fish markets and other stores. Otherwise, you might just have to make do with frozen shrimp.

Just remember that if you go with frozen shrimp, look for IQF shrimp to get the best quality. And, if you are not content with the options where you live, there is always Sun Shrimp. No matter where you live in the United States, fresh shrimp is just a few clicks away.

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